Press Release Reviews

The ideal way of gaining much needed exposure for your online business is by using the press release distribution services. The best online press release distribution companies to choose from are PRweb, e-Releases, and 24-7 press release, all of which are used by a lot of different businesses from every industry imaginable. When it comes to press release reviews, it is important to provide a thorough and unbiased review of each service.

PRweb Review:

PRweb allows you to have your press release distributed to over 100,000 media outlets on the Internet, which helps you promote your business to millions of customers worldwide. This service offers a number of efficient packages, all with different features and prices. You need to look into all packages and decide which one is the right choice for you. All you have to do is to write a press release and submit. Although you may have to pay some money to avail their distribution services, the benefits are endless. The money that you pay will be a fraction of what you will get in return.
With that said, the most unique aspect about PRweb is that it will distribute your press release to more media outlets than any other online service. PRweb is probably the only service that employs three different ways to enter your press release into the Yahoo News System. In addition to this, they also help you with formatting and SEO.

e-Releases Review:

e-Releases is an established, online press release distribution service that helps businesses to achieve their businesses promotion goals and gain access to a large business community and general public. It partners with all major corporations and journalists to enhance traffic and improve business exposure.
e-Releases offers two basic features: press release writing and press release distribution. Press release writing service caters to the businesses that are either not familiar with PR writing, or simply don't have enough time to do it on their own. The distribution service is only for the distribution of the press releases.
e-Releases charges $299 for a single 500-word PR write up. If you need a higher word count, the cost will increase accordingly. You can earn discounts by ordering multiple press releases at once.
The price for 500-word press release distribution is $199, with every extra 100 words costing $100 more. This submission will be distributed to journalists based on two categories. Additional categories cost $100 each.

24-7 Press Release Review:

Though pricing for this company is a little high, the features make it a really good choice. Their packages start at $49 per press releases to $389 per press release. It also offers a free plan, but you won't get any extras for a free plan.
There are plenty of features offered by 24-7 press release distribution service. The cheapest plan give out press release to premium partners and you can add images and links to your PR. If you want better professional exposure, there are two plans. The $139 plan distributes your PR to magazines and newspapers. The $389 plan distributes your PR to the newspapers and magazines, but it is also submitted to AOL, Yahoo News, Forbes, and CNet.
24-7 PR also offers professional editing and review of the press release in conjunction with most plans. The professional editors help fix the grammatical errors and other critical mistakes.
No matter what option you choose, make sure to pay attention to the facts mentioned in these press release reviews.