Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ten Valuable Tips for Selecting a Web Host Provider

For any business that has an online presence to be successful, it is important to find the right web host provider. Apart from creating a good website and coming up with the right content, you need to go for a webhosting company that can help you to achieve your dreams. Here are some of the things to consider.


The number of people who can visit your website and those who will buy your products depends on your uptime. Even though you can hardly find a company that will guarantee you 100% uptime, you should not go for that which is too low because it only means that your earnings will be low.

Management Tools

Always ensure that you have enough tools to manage your website. This refers to the tools that you feel find in the control panel. If they are not easy to use, then it will be difficult for you to efficiently manage the site.


Even if your business is just starting, you should not limit your abilities. A flexible provider will allow you to easily upgrade your plans in future and therefore, grow your business. You need enough space for expansion.

Server Features

The server features that you choose depend on what you want to do. There will come times when you will be required to choose between windows and Linux. What you should keep in mind is that whatever you choose will always affect your scripts.

Data Transfer

There always is an amount of disc space that your provider will allocate to your website. Even though most websites use only a small percent of the space that they are allocated, it is important to make sure that there is enough space for growth and other functions.


No matter how good a provider is, there always are technical issues that will arise. These may affect of your website unless they are fixed urgently. Because of this, the best provider is one who has a good customer support service.

Server Locations

Consider your target audience when choosing server locations. There are providers who will host websites offshore. This means that the servers will be located abroad. If you want to appeal to the local audience, make sure that the servers are located in your country.

Data Backup

Obviously, the information on your website is of great importance both to you and to your clients. It is important to back it up so that in case of any hitch, you can recover it. Always talk to the web hosting provider to see how they can ensure this.

Payment Plans

Some providers will require you to pay for the plans on a yearly basis. Others will agree to offer a monthly payment plan. Your choice should be determined by what you can afford.


Although the price should not be a major factor to consider, it is good to ensure that you do not pay too much when you can find something less expensive. The best thing to do is to ensure that there is a balance between the price and the quality of services. visit us at