Thursday, 14 February 2013

PRWeb Review

PRWeb is one of the greatest press release distribution services found in the market today- as you will notice on this PRWeb review. They may help you send a press release to more than 100,000 media outlets throughout the world. It has developed as a reputed and successful distribution service and so, is an ideal choice during varying situations. Make use of PRWeb if you intend to inform people about a certain cool product in order to let the world know about your new website.

The PRWeb Review
There are 4 PRWeb offerings; Media Visibility, Social Media Visibility, SEO Visibility and Standard Visibility.

Standard Visibility (USD80)
This is the cheapest among all the available PRWeb options; it allows for the listing of your release on Yahoo news, Google news and PRWeb network that gets between 2 and 3 million unique visitors each month. Moreover, you also access the basic statistics on the performance of your release like the full page reads, headline impressions and the capability of comparing the statistics belonging to different press releases, a factor that helps to identify the better days of a week for sending out releases and features that make the release attractive.

Social Media Visibility (USD140)
This is an option that gives you all features included in the Standard visibility package along with a little bit increased distribution. To be specific, your press release would be sent to an additional list containing a media digest list and around 35,000 opt-in journalists, and it's distributed over the Pheedo network.

SEO Visibility (USD200)
The option for SEO visibility comes with all features in Social Media and Standard Visibility options along with distribution to an additional vertical or regional media digest list. Also included is the ability to have an image embedded in your release using any relevant premium vertical publisher.
Other than increased distribution, you can specify particular anchor texts for the links and keywords to be included in the URL of the release during publishing on PRWeb. Why would any of the options matter in case the links would not count? Any press release has a neater and more professional look at first glance.

PRWeb also features many distribution channels and if an individual from such channels opts to have your release published on their own website, you will possibly get more value from that re-published release being linked to you via anchor text instead of the long and ugly URL strings.
Specification of the keywords to be included in the URL of a PRWeb hosted release increases the possibilities that the release is going to rank higher in the search engines depending on the trust, age and traffic of the PRWeb and branding.

Media Visibility (USD360)
The package is inclusive of all tools in the aforementioned packages, though with other extra "heavy artillery" distribution through the Associated Press and by sending your release to a distribution list which includes a top newspaper within 100 designated marketing regions. It also includes the capability of accessing additional geographical statistics, attaching a video to your press release and the ability to have all the statistics exported.

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