Thursday, 14 February 2013

EReleases Review

When it comes to press release distribution services you usually get what you pay for. While there are a number of free press release services and low cost providers often the end results are disappointing. One press release service that has set itself apart at the premium end of the market is eReleases.

They claim to offer a true newswire distribution service which will get your press release in front of some of the largest media organizations in the country. In this eReleases review I will look at what exactly they have to offer and whether they really do what they claim.

Who are eReleases?

eReleases have been in business for over 14 years, making them one of the most well established press release services on the Internet. The owner and founder, Mickie Kennedy, started the service after becoming frustrated at the lack of options available for small and medium sized businesses. One of the most notable features of eReleases is that is has an Associated Press distribution agreement which means that your press release will be sent to some of the biggest US newspaper and media outlets.

What Does It Cost?

Ereleases has three different press release packages available. The lowest cost package is the Buzzbuilder package which is priced at $299 per press release. Your press release is also distributed to journalists subscribing to the eRelease service and the PR newswire service. As well as this Ereleases review the press release before distribution.

The Newsmaker package costs $399 per press release. With this you get the same distribution as the Buzzbuilder package as well as being distributed through AP(Associated Press).

Finally there is the PR Pro package which costs $499 per press release. With this you get the same distribution as with the Newsmaker package plus you are guaranteed to be featured on at least 100 of the Wirewatch media websites.

How Wide Is eReleases Distribution Network?

Along with the AP newswire service, eReleases has its own distribution network, which includes:

* 100,000+ Journalists
* 3,000 Newspapers
* 3,500 Radio Stations
* 3,000 Television Shows
* 4,000 Websites

Who Is eReleases Suited To?

Ereleases is well suited for anyone who wants their press release to be professionally distributed. They are a premium press release service, which means that they will not be suited for people looking for a free service or web only distribution as these can be obtained elsewhere. At the same time they are less expensive than a traditional press release service while still offering the same quality distribution.

Overall Recommendation

Ereleases is a very high quality press release distribution service. One of the best features of eReleases is its AP newswire service. This is a true newswire service that most other web based press release services do not offer.
The only real disadvantage with the service is that it doesn't have a low cost package like some other distribution services.

With eReleases you are paying for quality but it does have a reputation for delivering more exposure. At the same time it less expensive than traditional press release services which would typically charge at least $800 for the same quality distribution as the newsmaker package. If you are looking for a step up from free and web only press release services, then eReleases is definitely a solid choice.

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