Thursday, 14 February 2013

24-7 Press Release Review

Press releases are increasingly becoming one of the preferred means of promoting products, services and websites on the Internet. Press releases allow you to quickly gain a huge amount of exposure and press releases are relatively easy to rank in the search engines.

However to get the best results from your press releases you need to have a quality distribution service. In this review I will look at one of the best known press release distribution services : 24-7 Press Release.

I will look at what its main features are, what kinds of distribution services it offers and who it is best suited for. Finally I will offer my overall recommendation as to whether you should use 24-7 to distribute your press releases.

What Features Does 24-7 Press Release Offer?

24-7 Press Release comes with all of the features you would expect from a premium press release service. Included among these are:

* Add graphics, logos and links to your press releases
* Customize the formatting of your press releases
* Full statistical reports and analysis for your reports
* The ability to contact publisher and journalists directly

24-7 also has a lot of free educational material on their site which teaches how to write press releases and how to get the most from your press release marketing.

Can I Distribute My Press Release For Free?

Yes, you can. 24-7 offers both paid and free press release distribution. However there are a few limitations with the free services. Firstly the distribution of free press releases isn't as wide as with the paid packages. Secondly 24-7 does not guarantee it will upload free press releases. And lastly you can only distribute one a day.

What Are The Costs?

Their basic offering is the "Online Visibility" package which costs $49 per press release. This gives you exposure on Google and Bing, as well as distribution to journalists and subscribers who have opted in.

Next is the "SEO Professional" package which costs $89 per press release. This gives you all of the same distribution as the online visibility package but also distribution to 24-7's premium news partners and news wire network.

The "SEO and Media Exposure" packages is priced at $139 per press release. It includes distribution to 5000 newspapers and 2500 magazines.

Finally there is the "Mass Media Visibility" package for $389 per press release. That has all of the features of the other press release packages but distribution to over 5000 websites which includes Forbes, AOL, and Yahoo News. You also get professional editing of your press release included.

Who is 24-7 Press Releases Suited For?

Essentially anyone who has something to promote can benefit from their services. This includes offline business owners, webmasters, blog, product creators, affiliates, CPA marketers, consultants and service providers.

What Are Its limitations?

Free press release distribution on 24-7 does have its limitations, however that is to be expected for a free service. It is also important to keep in mind that press releases need to have a specific type of format in order to be accepted, so you will need to familiarize yourself with these before you can get started.

Overall Recommendation

24-7 is an excellent press release distributor whether you are looking to do free or paid press releases. They offer all of the features that you would expect from a premium press release service and their distribution channels are top notch as well. Press releases are a fantastic promotional tool which allow you to quickly gain a lot of exposure and 24-7 offers an excellent means to get them distributed.

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