Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Knowing What to Look For in Your image Hosting Package

Hosting your images is the best way to help save you time when trying to showcase your pictures online. When you upload a photo online, it is much easier to keep them in the right place when you decide to host your pictures. Hosting image websites are quite good to rely on, but you need to remember that sometimes some of them are not all that and can be quite unreliable. They can remove your photos and lose them at any moment. By knowing how to locate the right image hosting package, you can be sure your images will be in good hands and take care of your pictures.

Knowing What to Look For in Your image Hosting Package

- Good enough host imaging space

There should be several megabytes inside, causing you to be able to save several thousands of images. All kinds of image hosting packages should be good enough to save you several hundred images with no problem. This way, it becomes easier to post your websites online. You want to look for a package that is also affordable. It should allow for you to save a lot of photos. You can be sure to save a lot of pictures when you know what to look for. A good image hosting service that offers you unlimited photos is definitely worth considering to save you a lot of time in the future.

- Easy to use

You mainly want to find an image hosting service that is easy to use. If it is really easy to use, upload photos, and has several features, you will enjoy how much you could save. If the site is easy to use all throughout the site, then you shouldn't have any troubles.

- Reliable safety

If your photos get stolen and you struggle with difficulties regarding the safety of your photos, some people may seem to take your pictures whenever they can. A reliable site will not let other people use your images unless you allow them to. Reliable sites will never removes your images at all either. This can he keep you in good safety and protect your images.

You always want to find the right image hosting service that has great services and an affordable web hosting price. Always be careful when choosing the right company to use.

Benefits of using a good image hosting package

The biggest benefit is that you can save all of your images in one place. This will save you a lot of time when you are trying to find the good package site that will allow for you to host your images and post them elsewhere in the future.

An image hosting service is hard to find because some of them may not be that reliable. Be sure to look for the right kind available. It is definitely worth looking into finding a good hosting service that will save you time and money. Affordability and a good service is surely going to save you time along the way.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Security Challenges Faced by Cloud Hosting - Handling Data

Cloud computing or hosting is currently the world's top technology when it comes to computer and internet applications. It has been posed as the best form of data handling service, infrastructure management and applications, business processes as well as personal collaborations. As a matter of fact; many businesses, firms, institutions and agencies are currently embracing this method of remote hosting service as opposed to local server.

What Is Cloud Computing Security?
Cloud computing security involves a set of laid down policies, controls and technologies that are meant to protect information or data, infrastructures, applications as well as other services concerned with cloud computing. In as much as proponents of this system maintain that it is safe, there are so many security challenges faced by cloud hosting.

What Are These Security Challenges?

There is need to secure data:

There are two aspects of data security is cloud computing. These are data control and preservation. Preservation of data makes sure that the integrity of data is maintained and that the data is not lost. All manner of data should be preserved whether or not they are sensitive.
Data control requires that such data must be released or used in a manner that is dictated by some set laws. The problem with data security in cloud computing is that unauthorized persons may gain access to such vital or private information. The conflict is that companies with sensitive data may not want any third party to dictate or put restrictions as to who accesses such data and may want to control it by themselves.

Issues with user authentication:
As already been mentioned, the data contained in the cloud hosting should only be accessed by specified personnel who have authority to do so. This requires that there is adequate monitoring and restriction of those who can access the data through the cloud system.
The issue is that the company whose data is hosted in the cloud needs to view the audit trails and access logs to ensure that only those authorized access the data. This means that the access logs and the audit details must also be secured. As a customer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the cloud provider takes all the necessary measures to ensure that your data is protected and that access to it is also limited.

Disaster preparedness and backup plan:
The physical infrastructure of the cloud providers are usually located certain areas with full geographical predisposition. If any adverse condition that can disrupt such an environment takes place, a company's data system may be lost. In addition, any security breach can lead to serious loses on the part of the company.
This requires that a contingency plan is put in place so that such data can be retrieved. Normally, it is the customer who loses but a contract can be signed between such customer and the cloud provider so that the liabilities are shared at best. One solution to this issue is to have, in addition, a private or dedicated server for data sensitive or vital to the survival of such a company.

Now that you have some knowledge about the security challenges faced by cloud hosting, you can take your time to ensure that you take keen interest on the data handling and that you get expert opinion on how secure such data. You can talk to those experienced and find out how they handle company data.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ten Valuable Tips for Selecting a Web Host Provider

For any business that has an online presence to be successful, it is important to find the right web host provider. Apart from creating a good website and coming up with the right content, you need to go for a webhosting company that can help you to achieve your dreams. Here are some of the things to consider.


The number of people who can visit your website and those who will buy your products depends on your uptime. Even though you can hardly find a company that will guarantee you 100% uptime, you should not go for that which is too low because it only means that your earnings will be low.

Management Tools

Always ensure that you have enough tools to manage your website. This refers to the tools that you feel find in the control panel. If they are not easy to use, then it will be difficult for you to efficiently manage the site.


Even if your business is just starting, you should not limit your abilities. A flexible provider will allow you to easily upgrade your plans in future and therefore, grow your business. You need enough space for expansion.

Server Features

The server features that you choose depend on what you want to do. There will come times when you will be required to choose between windows and Linux. What you should keep in mind is that whatever you choose will always affect your scripts.

Data Transfer

There always is an amount of disc space that your provider will allocate to your website. Even though most websites use only a small percent of the space that they are allocated, it is important to make sure that there is enough space for growth and other functions.


No matter how good a provider is, there always are technical issues that will arise. These may affect of your website unless they are fixed urgently. Because of this, the best provider is one who has a good customer support service.

Server Locations

Consider your target audience when choosing server locations. There are providers who will host websites offshore. This means that the servers will be located abroad. If you want to appeal to the local audience, make sure that the servers are located in your country.

Data Backup

Obviously, the information on your website is of great importance both to you and to your clients. It is important to back it up so that in case of any hitch, you can recover it. Always talk to the web hosting provider to see how they can ensure this.

Payment Plans

Some providers will require you to pay for the plans on a yearly basis. Others will agree to offer a monthly payment plan. Your choice should be determined by what you can afford.


Although the price should not be a major factor to consider, it is good to ensure that you do not pay too much when you can find something less expensive. The best thing to do is to ensure that there is a balance between the price and the quality of services. visit us at

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What domain registration and web hosting actually do for your website?

Web hosting domain registration may be a new term for a few who are unaware about the integral details of website development. Presence in the online community can bring in rich benefits to any individual or firm. To achieve an internet identity by means of a website, the requirement is to get a domain with an active web hosting. Any professional website on the internet certainly needs to have a valid domain name as it acts as an identity. Domain name is helpful in promotion of the site and a reputable hosting service helps to sustain it online. There are certain things that anyone who owns or operates a website should know about hosting and domain name.

Difference in Domain registration and web hosting
Many do confuse the two to be same yet they are not. The non-technical people who operate website for personal purpose many times miss out on this information that domain registration and web hosting are two different parts of creating a website for the internet. Basically, the process begins with a registration of the domain name which is then hosted on the net with the help of a hosting service provider. The confusion is caused due to the companies which complete both registration and hosting as there are many which offer just one of them.

Domain registration
Essentially, domain name is what the net users type in address bar to search for any website. The procedure of domain registration is compulsory for any web portal to start working. Once the contract is made for the name, the owner has the right to use that particular domain for mentioned period after which it needs to be renewed. Mostly the domain name is chosen as per the need of business or individual and stays relevant to them. Always try and get catchy name as that can assist the business in the long run to get goodwill. Also pay attention while choosing the domain extension so that it suits the business or project perfectly.

Web hosting
After the domain name is acquired by registering it, the requirement is of a service provider to host the site. This is imperative to make the website appear on the internet and web hosting is the service to rely on. The web hosting companies actually rent out the space on their servers for a fee which is then used to place the domain. The hosting companies even offer multiple hosting in case the requirement is there, this way the primary domain can be accompanied by many add on domains featuring varied content and pages.
Some useful tips to remember
Ensure that you get the amount of disk space required for the website or else if there is some shortfall better get other service provider who can offer what is needed. As the business progresses so does the need for bandwidth, this calls for expansion and the hosting should be able to provide it in time. Ask for separate mail accounts for all the domains registered. The alternative for unlimited domain should also be present for future use, in case the need be.

With Web hosting and domain registration, now as you know are part of the same process working together to make sure the website is developed and performs as desired. Prudently select the company to work with and there won't be a thing to worry about in future.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What are the top web hosting companies?

Web hosting is a very important aspect of any online business. It is vital to get quality hosting because it is here where you will be placing and building your website. If you only get the domain, then you will not be able to have your site be built. In this article, you are going to learn about the top web hosting companies that can help give you only the best tools and services. Some web hosting services are very unprofessional. With the right company, you will surely succeed.

What are the top web hosting companies?

- HostGator

This is one of the few online companies available that offers cheap plans for those who are on a real budget. They have great plans and programs. They can enable you to get connected with simple Wordpress integrations and other programs all the time. HostGator is very reliable. Their customer service is very good at helpong out their customers. They have great discounts on Google Adwords and all kinds of services to help you save as much money as possible. Their great templates can let you build a site as soon as today with literally no problem.


Having been in business for years and with celebrities posing as main endorsements, you will find bluehost to be a very reliable company. They know how to give customers the best possible services, and they always give people everything that they will ever need for web hosting. They can have some great features and some of the best prices available. If you are trying to save money, you will find bluehost to be wonderful because of their cheaper plans that still offer unlimited bandwidth and domains. bluehost is one of the best sites to join if you want quality hosting services and great uptime guarantees.

- Fatcow

This site is very popular because you can check their services. This is a great way to find out more about the company and see if they are the best people to use, some companies really are not that good, but fatcow has a hosting company that can be great to use. Their templates on the websites are wonderful and can be used today. You will find fatcow to be very reliable and one of the few good sites that has great plans.

Choosing a web hosting service

The key to finding a good service is to look for quality in the company. Do they offer you really great services and reliability in terms of customer service? Will they help get certain things fixed up right away? If they care about your well-being and money being spent, then they are a good company worth hiring. Not all services and comapnies are made the same, but they should all help host your site in a professional manner.

If you want the best possible uptime guarantees with low rates, the above companies are all very reliable. They are some of the best business because of their wonderful services.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Web Hosting For Small Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur running a small company, you should already know how important it is to have a great online presence, and how it can increase sales and in turn, profits. Building a website can be hard work and can require you to either learn the skill yourself, or pay somebody else to do it. But just building a website isn't enough. You must host your website on a server, and this requires you find a company to do so for you. Let's take a closer look at web hosting for small business.

What Is A Web Host?

A web host or a web hosting company is company that provides a place for your website to be stored and accessed by you and your visitors. Once you've made a website and you want others to see it and use it, you'll need to get it hosted on somebodies server. These companies provide high powered, sophisticated web server computers with a high speed network for your website. You pay a fee, often monthly or annually, to these companies for this service.

Why Do I Need Hosting?

You could technically host your website yourself on your own computer or web server. This isn't usually a good idea for most people because the average person doesn't have the sophisticated technology to successfully host a website. Websites can be very taxing on computer resources and the more popular your website is, the more hardware you need supporting it. If you host from your home, you'll have to not only invest in top end equipment, but you'll have to leave it running day and night or your website will be offline. You'll also need to upgrade to a seriously fast internet connection to keep up with the traffic to your website.

What Should I Look For?

Well, first you should consider price. Take into account your budget and determine how much you can spend on hosting services. When researching potential companies, take into account what deals they are currently offering and how much of a discount you'll receive for paying a few months (or more) in advance. You should get a better deal if you can pay annually rather than monthly. Also be certain to understand all of your contractual obligations and if there is any price increases after so many months or years.

Does the host offer catch-all email? This service can be a real asset to you as it directs all emails sent to any address to a single mailbox if desired. Other email perks you may look for is the ability for the host to auto-respond to your emailers. This can really save you and your staff time answering routine emails.

You'll also want to consider whether or not the host offers static IP addresses and if so, what extra fees are associated with it, if there are any. Some even offer around-the-clock support as well, with many offering phone support.

Taking a closer look and evaluating your companies needs will help you and anyone when searching for the best web hosting for small business.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

24-7 Press Release Review

Press releases are increasingly becoming one of the preferred means of promoting products, services and websites on the Internet. Press releases allow you to quickly gain a huge amount of exposure and press releases are relatively easy to rank in the search engines.

However to get the best results from your press releases you need to have a quality distribution service. In this review I will look at one of the best known press release distribution services : 24-7 Press Release.

I will look at what its main features are, what kinds of distribution services it offers and who it is best suited for. Finally I will offer my overall recommendation as to whether you should use 24-7 to distribute your press releases.

What Features Does 24-7 Press Release Offer?

24-7 Press Release comes with all of the features you would expect from a premium press release service. Included among these are:

* Add graphics, logos and links to your press releases
* Customize the formatting of your press releases
* Full statistical reports and analysis for your reports
* The ability to contact publisher and journalists directly

24-7 also has a lot of free educational material on their site which teaches how to write press releases and how to get the most from your press release marketing.

Can I Distribute My Press Release For Free?

Yes, you can. 24-7 offers both paid and free press release distribution. However there are a few limitations with the free services. Firstly the distribution of free press releases isn't as wide as with the paid packages. Secondly 24-7 does not guarantee it will upload free press releases. And lastly you can only distribute one a day.

What Are The Costs?

Their basic offering is the "Online Visibility" package which costs $49 per press release. This gives you exposure on Google and Bing, as well as distribution to journalists and subscribers who have opted in.

Next is the "SEO Professional" package which costs $89 per press release. This gives you all of the same distribution as the online visibility package but also distribution to 24-7's premium news partners and news wire network.

The "SEO and Media Exposure" packages is priced at $139 per press release. It includes distribution to 5000 newspapers and 2500 magazines.

Finally there is the "Mass Media Visibility" package for $389 per press release. That has all of the features of the other press release packages but distribution to over 5000 websites which includes Forbes, AOL, and Yahoo News. You also get professional editing of your press release included.

Who is 24-7 Press Releases Suited For?

Essentially anyone who has something to promote can benefit from their services. This includes offline business owners, webmasters, blog, product creators, affiliates, CPA marketers, consultants and service providers.

What Are Its limitations?

Free press release distribution on 24-7 does have its limitations, however that is to be expected for a free service. It is also important to keep in mind that press releases need to have a specific type of format in order to be accepted, so you will need to familiarize yourself with these before you can get started.

Overall Recommendation

24-7 is an excellent press release distributor whether you are looking to do free or paid press releases. They offer all of the features that you would expect from a premium press release service and their distribution channels are top notch as well. Press releases are a fantastic promotional tool which allow you to quickly gain a lot of exposure and 24-7 offers an excellent means to get them distributed.

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EReleases Review

When it comes to press release distribution services you usually get what you pay for. While there are a number of free press release services and low cost providers often the end results are disappointing. One press release service that has set itself apart at the premium end of the market is eReleases.

They claim to offer a true newswire distribution service which will get your press release in front of some of the largest media organizations in the country. In this eReleases review I will look at what exactly they have to offer and whether they really do what they claim.

Who are eReleases?

eReleases have been in business for over 14 years, making them one of the most well established press release services on the Internet. The owner and founder, Mickie Kennedy, started the service after becoming frustrated at the lack of options available for small and medium sized businesses. One of the most notable features of eReleases is that is has an Associated Press distribution agreement which means that your press release will be sent to some of the biggest US newspaper and media outlets.

What Does It Cost?

Ereleases has three different press release packages available. The lowest cost package is the Buzzbuilder package which is priced at $299 per press release. Your press release is also distributed to journalists subscribing to the eRelease service and the PR newswire service. As well as this Ereleases review the press release before distribution.

The Newsmaker package costs $399 per press release. With this you get the same distribution as the Buzzbuilder package as well as being distributed through AP(Associated Press).

Finally there is the PR Pro package which costs $499 per press release. With this you get the same distribution as with the Newsmaker package plus you are guaranteed to be featured on at least 100 of the Wirewatch media websites.

How Wide Is eReleases Distribution Network?

Along with the AP newswire service, eReleases has its own distribution network, which includes:

* 100,000+ Journalists
* 3,000 Newspapers
* 3,500 Radio Stations
* 3,000 Television Shows
* 4,000 Websites

Who Is eReleases Suited To?

Ereleases is well suited for anyone who wants their press release to be professionally distributed. They are a premium press release service, which means that they will not be suited for people looking for a free service or web only distribution as these can be obtained elsewhere. At the same time they are less expensive than a traditional press release service while still offering the same quality distribution.

Overall Recommendation

Ereleases is a very high quality press release distribution service. One of the best features of eReleases is its AP newswire service. This is a true newswire service that most other web based press release services do not offer.
The only real disadvantage with the service is that it doesn't have a low cost package like some other distribution services.

With eReleases you are paying for quality but it does have a reputation for delivering more exposure. At the same time it less expensive than traditional press release services which would typically charge at least $800 for the same quality distribution as the newsmaker package. If you are looking for a step up from free and web only press release services, then eReleases is definitely a solid choice.

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PRWeb Review

PRWeb is one of the greatest press release distribution services found in the market today- as you will notice on this PRWeb review. They may help you send a press release to more than 100,000 media outlets throughout the world. It has developed as a reputed and successful distribution service and so, is an ideal choice during varying situations. Make use of PRWeb if you intend to inform people about a certain cool product in order to let the world know about your new website.

The PRWeb Review
There are 4 PRWeb offerings; Media Visibility, Social Media Visibility, SEO Visibility and Standard Visibility.

Standard Visibility (USD80)
This is the cheapest among all the available PRWeb options; it allows for the listing of your release on Yahoo news, Google news and PRWeb network that gets between 2 and 3 million unique visitors each month. Moreover, you also access the basic statistics on the performance of your release like the full page reads, headline impressions and the capability of comparing the statistics belonging to different press releases, a factor that helps to identify the better days of a week for sending out releases and features that make the release attractive.

Social Media Visibility (USD140)
This is an option that gives you all features included in the Standard visibility package along with a little bit increased distribution. To be specific, your press release would be sent to an additional list containing a media digest list and around 35,000 opt-in journalists, and it's distributed over the Pheedo network.

SEO Visibility (USD200)
The option for SEO visibility comes with all features in Social Media and Standard Visibility options along with distribution to an additional vertical or regional media digest list. Also included is the ability to have an image embedded in your release using any relevant premium vertical publisher.
Other than increased distribution, you can specify particular anchor texts for the links and keywords to be included in the URL of the release during publishing on PRWeb. Why would any of the options matter in case the links would not count? Any press release has a neater and more professional look at first glance.

PRWeb also features many distribution channels and if an individual from such channels opts to have your release published on their own website, you will possibly get more value from that re-published release being linked to you via anchor text instead of the long and ugly URL strings.
Specification of the keywords to be included in the URL of a PRWeb hosted release increases the possibilities that the release is going to rank higher in the search engines depending on the trust, age and traffic of the PRWeb and branding.

Media Visibility (USD360)
The package is inclusive of all tools in the aforementioned packages, though with other extra "heavy artillery" distribution through the Associated Press and by sending your release to a distribution list which includes a top newspaper within 100 designated marketing regions. It also includes the capability of accessing additional geographical statistics, attaching a video to your press release and the ability to have all the statistics exported.

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Ipage Review

Webmasters are looking for the best web hosting company for hosting their websites. There are a lot of good companies that webmasters can choose. One of the best companies is iPage. It has already become one of the most trusted web hosting company since 1998. There are many benefits of using the webhosting service from this provider..
1. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email address

This is the main reason why webmasters love using iPage for their web hosting services. There is no limit on the disk space or the data transfer. They are able to create great online content without having to worry about running out of space or bandwidth. It means that users can upload as many pictures, videos, and files as they like. However, people should understand that there is a "normal" usage policy that iPage creates for maintaining its quality. It is a very rare condition where a customer with personal or a small business website can exceed the "normal" usage.

2. Free site building tool

There are some webmasters who do not have any experience with any HTML code or any other coding knowledge.IPage provides free site building tool for everyone. It means that they can build their own websites easily. There are several popular site building tools, for example WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and any other tools.

3. Easy to use cPanel

When webmasters purchase a package from the iPage, they will be able to use the control panel easily. They can control and manage their websites easily by using the control panel provided by iPage. There are many different activities that can be done through the cPanel, for example setting up email account, building websites, controlling the database, uploading files, and many other things. That is the reason why customers love using iPage. Beginner users can also use the cPanel easily.

4. 24x7 Netwok Monitoring

It means that all staff from the iPage will monitor all network 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They monitor all networks in order to make sure that all sites are up and running well at all times. This is important to make sure that all websites can be accessed anytime. Many webmasters do not want to see their websites going offline because the server is down.

5. Anytime Money Back Guarantee

This is one feature that allows users to get their money back if they are not satisfied with iPage. webmasters are allowed to cancel at any time they want, and they will get a refund for the rest of their payment term. It is like a warranty system that is not going to expire. This warranty is important to make sure that the iPage always gives the best service for their users.

Those are some benefits of using the service from iPage. After reading this iPage review, you should be ready to purchase the web hosting service from this company. Get many benefits by using the service from this company.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bluehost Review

As Bluehost has been around since 1996, it is well-known in the web hosting industry. In fact, there are countless webmasters that give newbies a good Bluehost review. The reason behind this is that Bluehost is a one-stop shop for website creation.

Bluehost Review: What Makes Bluehost Stand Out From its Competitors?

Bluehost is popular as it offers its customers a number of features for a low price. Experts have stated that the company has over 70 features, services and products. Those who are skeptical about the company can go on their website and try some services for free. This may help consumers determine whether or not they want to choose Bluehost as their web host. Listed below are some of the benefits of purchasing hosting from this company.

This company has a top class data center which reduces the possibility of the system experiencing errors which result in downtime. Bluehost also routinely backs up data on the server so that data never gets lost in the fray.

Most webmasters are looking for a web host which can give them the most value for the lowest cost possible. Bluehost fits into this criteria as they charge approximately $3.95 per month for their hosting services.

Control Panel:
 Like other web hosts, Bluehost uses cPanel. This control panel operates with an interface which has a number of functions. cPanel can provide users with traffic statistics, forums, file management and numerous other features.

Bluehost is a good choice for beginner webmasters and those who want to switch to a more affordable web host. Consumers will be pleased to learn that Bluehost has excellent customer service. Webmasters can contact their staff for help 24 hours a day. Those who have time to way can fill out a support ticket while consumers with an urgent problem can ring the company's helpline.

The ideal web host is reliable, affordable and easy to use. Bluehost checks all these boxes. In comparison to its competitors, the company offers much lower rates. If consumers want extra services or data storage, they can pay extra. It is worth noting that the company often has sales which provide consumers with significant savings. For example, Bluehost once had a sale offering web hosting for as little as $3.95 per month. This deal is one that would be very difficult for another web host to beat.

Webmasters who are interested in Bluehost's service can go to their website and sign up. As the company offers new users a 30 day money back guarantee, webmasters have nothing to lose by trying out their services. Those that are unhappy with the company can simply cancel their subscription and try another web host. That being said, most Bluehost users are very satisfied with their web hosting. It is this customer satisfaction that has made Bluehost one of the most popular web hosts on the internet. As the company has been around for over 10 years, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This means that consumers can choose to run their website through Bluehost for many years to come.

Hostpapa Review

HostPapa is a privately owned web hosting company situated in Oakvillie, Ontario, Canada, and Niagara Falls, NY. The best thing about this company is that it is a truly green company, and their each and every device (servers, computers, phones, lighting, etc) are powered by clean, and green energy. The total energy consumption of HostPapa is audited every year by third party, and company buys same amount of electricity generated using wind power and feeds it back into the grid.

HostPapa Review

Well, HostPapa is all about shared hosting. It delivers standard packages where users get adequate data transfer bandwidth, unlimited storage space, and addon domains.

What's so good about HostPapa?

* Affordable-HostPapa would cost you less than$4.95/month if you signup with them for 3 years.

* Green web host-HostPapa is 100 percent powered by green energy, and is a great option for all those who want to reduce their carbon footprints.

* Reliable hosting servers- Hostpapa operates its own highly secure data centers that are protected using various state-of-art security features such as security, fire-suppression systems, fault protection systems, temperature ad climate control, redundant power generation, as well as 100 percent generators backup.

*Great bonuses - As per HostPapa review, you can get free $25 ad credits for using Google Adwords, Sponsored Search, Yahoo! Miva; free $20 for Bidvertisers Advertising Network, and Free $50 ad credits for Ask Sponsored Listings. In total, you can get free marketing credits worth $145 from the company when you sign up with them!

*Simple and straightforward hosting plan - Hostpapa's offers a hassles-free online ordering process, which is great for beginners.

To support the companies that need lot of email accounts, HostPapa loads all its accounts with unlimited email accounts, and unlimited email forwarding accounts, and equips them with junk email filtering and virus scanning. PHP5 and Perl are supported computer scripting programs and customers have access to custom cron jobs and another error pages.

A SOHO launch, and a free website builder is also available from HostPapa when you sign up with the company. Once your website is up and running, you get tons of useful tools from HostPapa for expanding and improving your website. Aside from offering 99.0 percent uptime guarantee, HostPapa also offers 99 percent network uptime guarantee as well. You can 22/7 access to their customer service via free phone, email and IM. Also, there are any 'help' screens that you can work through if you are interested in resolving the problem yourself.

HostPapa is best for individuals and small or medium companies interested in working websites with all bells and whistles, but at low rates. The freedom and flexibility in HostPapa packages means that every person can now create a fully functional and professional looking site with all freatures within a short time. With offers such as buy one year, and get one year free makes HostPapa a most competitive provider on the market.

HostPapa is definitely a trustworthy and world class web hosting provider that offers competitively priced "green web hosting solutions" that don't skimp on power and function. If you care about our Earth, and want a fully functional website at competitive rates from a good and reliable company, then you should sign up with HostPapa.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Fatcow Review

When webmasters decide to have an online business, they need to choose reliable web hosting service that can help them managing their sites. The web host service isn't only reliable, but need to have comprehensive services that can ensure the running and the operation of the site itself. Among lots of web host services, there are several providers that can provide reliable and trustworthy service. It is advisable for the customers to read the reviews first so they can get general ideas of what kind of service they will get as well as the possibility of problems. For instance, people can read about the Fatcow review to know about the expertise and offers from the provider.

About the Company:
The Fatcow itself was set up in 1998 and it is basically a shared web host provider that is providing affordable services and solutions for small and also medium business companies. This kind of service can also be used by individuals who want to start their online business without having to spend a fortune. The reason why the company is quite popular is because of their quite long years of experience, and also their belief in old school principle of professionalism and working ethics.

The Basic Benefits:
Other reasons why this service provider is quite well known in the virtual industry is because of their good services. Their general services usually include:
- Reliable service. The company consists of reliable and professional teams that are monitoring the whole operation and servers most of the time - night and day. The provider can also provide quick and reliable solutions to any issues, without making their clients waits for unbelievably long time. It is one of the providers that are providing 99.9% guarantee for the service, so clients won't have to worry about their business. Such reliable service is also important since online business requires fast response with little disruptions as possible.

Affordable price range:
The target users of Fatcow is wide, including personal, commerce, and also business users. They also like to provide different offers and discounts; each offer is set up for different users and requirements. The basic price range for the service is around $44 per year - after discount. But be sure that people can professional service with great support and reliable uptime. If people want to deal with business and professional setting, they can get yellow pages listing, feedback service, and also marketing credits. It is safe to say that the spending is truly worth the service.

Reliable support:
The professional teams from the provider will provide any assistance and also help no matter what time their customers require them to. Whether customers encounter issue in the middle of the night or at any time of the day, they can always contact the customer support through different methods: by mail, phone, or even chat lines.

Of course, people need to determine whether they really want to get the service from this provider or not. There are lots of different opinions about the Fatcow some of them may be satisfied, while some may not. They can make careful thoughts about the whole services or making a list of all the good things versus all the negative aspects.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hostgator Review

With the aim to provide quality web hosting services, HostGator introduced itself worldwide. Hosting over 1,000,000 sites all across the world, HostGator is considered to be the leading provider of different services such as VPS hosting, dedicated web hosting services, shared web hosting, and reseller hosting. This HostGator review can give you the information you should know, so read on.

The Brilliant Mind Behind HostGator
HostGator was founded by the President and CEO of the company, Brent Oxley. The small hosting company has grown into a highly-recognized network of world-class data centers with its advanced safety, power, cooling, and security systems. With its quality service, the company is growing fast.

The Plans and Features
With HostGator, there are 3 hosting plans to choose from. The first one is the Hatchling plan which starts at $4.95 every month. It comes with a single domain plus an unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The second one is the Baby plan which starts at $7.95 per month. When you choose this plan, you'll get an unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and domains. The third plan is the Business Plan that starts at $12.95 every month. The Business plan comes with an unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domains, as well as free toll free number and private SSL and IP. Nowadays, the company is giving away 20 percent off on all of its hosting plans.
HostGator is able to offer various services such as Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS hosting, Domain Names, Windows Hosting, Application Hosting, and of course, Web Hosting.

Reliability and Performance
When it comes to its reliability and performance, a particular 2008 survey revealed that 90 percent of the company's customers were satisfied. Right until today, HostGator is constantly working and doing everything they can to refine and improve their customer support as well as web hosting services. The company's servers are regularly monitored by skilled technicians to handle various technical problems.

The Benefits You Can Get
With HostGator, you can gain various benefits. Aside from the fact that you are served by a very reputable hosting company, you can also be assured of fast servers with excellent uptime record. The company can provide 100 percent uptime and it never drops below 99.9 percent. Another great thing about HostGator is the fact that it promotes green, eco-friendly web hosting.

Whenever you encounter technical problems, the company is able to provide you with quality customer support. Highly skilled technical supports can be reached via live chat system, phone calls, or emails.
If you are looking for an affordable yet highly reliable hosting service provider, HostGator is the name you can trust.

The HostGator 25 Percent Coupon Code
People nowadays want to save money by looking for promo or discount codes online. The good news is, HostGator offers 25 percent coupon code to let you experience a hassle free and affordable web hosting service. By using the coupon code, you will surely save more money and enjoy a great web hosting deal. HostGator employs skilled and professional technical staffs to provide you with high quality web hosting services at an affordable price range.

This HostGator review shows that you can rely on HostGator as your provider of hosting services at prices you can afford.

Web Hosting For Beginners

The World Wide Web is the best way to get your brand into the market. This is because millions upon millions of people use the internet everyday. A strong on line presence could increase your market exponentially and thus spur the growth of your business.

However, web hosting for beginners is easier said than done. The task of web hosting is usually left to new webmasters who are only given targets to achieve by their respective companies. These webmasters usually face an uphill task since web hosting can be quite an overwhelming experience.

We have thus identified certain key areas of concern in web hosting. We have gone further and highlighted some tips on web hosting for beginners in these key areas.

How to find a good web hosting company
This is an extremely crucial part of web hosting. It will determine the quality of the web hosting that you will receive in addition to the amount of cash that you will pay for receipt of that service.
You should look out for an affordable web hosting company that has the following; a vibrant customer service department, access to server based applications that are free and has many features as part of its overall web hosting package.

Determining the stability of a company's server
You should get details of the server stability for prospective web hosting companies through 3rd party review websites. You should take a critical look at the server's downtime. It is best to look for another web hosting company if the one you found has an excessive downtime i.e. a downtime of more than 1%.

Ensuring that the company's offer includes options for applications
This will prevent your company from incurring extra costs in future. Your web hosting company should be able to provide certain features ad applications are little or no cost to you.
You usually have to incur additional operating expenses if it is completely up to you to install such features on your web site.

Deciding on whether to use shared or dedicated hosting
You should use a shared hosting platform if your traffic levels are not so high and are anticipated to increase for a while.
You can easily move to a dedicated server when the traffic on your website begins to pick up pace.